ALZI Conference 2022

Dementia What’s Next?

ALZI will be hosting our 2nd National level Conference this September 2022 which will runas a hybrid event with both in-person and virtual attendees. The conference will feature webinar sessions, a mix of live and recorded parallel sessions, offline seminars & offline workshops.

This global health problem demands a comprehensive & multidisciplinary approach, from preventive public health efforts to promote risk reduction and healthy lifestyle to incorporating person-centered care in the process of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, caregiving both in facilities and at home. It is also of utmost importance to provide timely support from the time of diagnosis to prepare People with Dementia (PWD) and their caregivers so that they are able to plan for, respond to and manage the situation at home, or work with community partners for suitable care interventions.

Hence, the theme for this year’s event is:

“Dementia, What’s Next?”

We trust that this conference will provide participants with knowledge of and insights to high-quality dementia care which is applicable in our region.

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Past Conference


Alzheimer Indonesia Conference

Alzheimer's Indonesia (ALZI) was the host to the 20th Annual Conference of Asia Pacific Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) which was held in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta on the 3rd-5th November 2017. The conference presented 33 international speakers from 12 countries. Over 700 delegates from all areas of the dementia field came to share their work and learn from the experiences and knowledge of others in what can be proudly called the first integrated multidisciplinary gathering on dementia in Indonesia.

The pre-conference activities kick-started with workshops on Nursing Home care, Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) and Neurorehabilitation in Dementia was held with a total of over 100 participants.

The following day, conference opening ceremony set in motion with a medley of traditional Indonesian dances followed by a keynote by Prof. Dr. dr. Nila Moeloek Indonesia’s then health Minister who emphasized the importance of a Life-Cycle Approach for Dementia.

The conference presented 33 international speakers from 12 countries, including Prof. Henry Brodaty from Australia, Ms Tarun Dua from World Health Organization and 49 national speakers who collectively covered a range of topics from prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia, dementia care models, architectural design for dementia, awareness raising to policies on dementia. Over 700 delegates from all areas of the dementia field.

Aligned with the theme of a Life-Cycle Approach, there was a myriad of activities ranging from launching of Dementia comic book for toddlers, sessions on legal issues & rights for dementia, poco-poco training, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, story-telling & puppet therapy, music therapy, Meet-the-Experts sessions, to sharing session by Person with Dementia herself, Kate Swaffer. There is also an elderly care and activities center for caregivers who bring along their family members with Dementia.

The Finale on 5th November was even more of a triumphant moment as the People With Dementia was up on stage to cut the cake and celebrate what marks the 50th Golden Caregiver Meeting.

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ALZI Conference 2022

Dementia What’s Next?

Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

24-25 September


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